1. contusion

    Apparently he’s praying for these skanky chicks to disappear and some more Leo-worthy Victoria Secret super models to appear in their place. As usual.

  2. I pray to the boner in my pants, that behind me is several slutty ho’s, and not buckets of chum.

  3. One must give thanks for the fine collection of ass you are given. Ass doesn’t grow on trees, you know?

  4. Dedicated to all the people who feel sorry for me for not winning an oscar…


  5. Shemp

    The blond to the far left is thick in a way I reallllly dig. Look at that leg and ass. Voof!!!

  6. tlmck

    Is he really “on the set”, or is this just a typical day in the life of Leo?

  7. SIN

    Looks a whole lot like Ross Mathews. from Chelsae Lately.

  8. That man is one “I’m the king of the world” away from an epic six way.

  9. “I’m King of the Worl…I mean WHORES!”

  10. anticon

    I thought it was the guy from the gangnam style video

  11. Sidney

    How can you call it acting when it’s just like every other weekday?

  12. ThisWillHurt

    “You mean I can just take anyone I want and its on the house? Thanks, Russell Simmons! Thank you thank you thank you!”

  13. Leonardo’s John Hamm impression.

  14. Nonny Moose

    Meh. Look at them. I mean *really* look at them. There’s not one in the bunch better than maybe a six. He’s probably screaming at casting for sending him skanks like that.

  15. Sparky

    He doesn’t care about the Oscars with all those golden globes around. Ya get it?

  16. I like Leo and all, but something just seems off about him, his lifestyle. Get a very strong Rock Hudson vibe from him. Just not buying his whole act.


  18. Mike

    Hate on Leo all you want, the guy gets bitches like nobody’s business. And he can act worth a shit. “Django Unchained”. That is all.

  19. Leo calls this…. “Tuesday”.

  20. “Eenie…meenie…minie…moe…”

  21. Arska

    Actually that’s Psy shooting his latest music video.

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