1. Mike Goldman

    Lol no photoshop

  2. celebrity golf classic?

    PS: you’re nothing without Adobe.

  3. Because my balls weren’t dirty enough from the sand trap.

  4. Inner Retard

    Let me show you how to sink a 6 footer. *cue porn music*

  5. Future Me

    Now there’s 19 ho’s on the golf course.

  6. Nice golf shoes Aubrey!!.

  7. anonymous

    Okay forget about me laughing at Nike’s high-heeled sneakers. This chick needs proper high-heeled golf shoes.

  8. Are Lucite stilettos LPGA approved? I know they’re okay with the Free Speech Coalition, but they’ve got to be murder on the greens.

  9. Somewhere there is a greenskeeper spitting nails about fucking celebrity prostitutes ripping the shit out of his course with their heels…and being told to shut it by club management.

    That being said, whomever outfitted Aubry is an idiot. That putter should be at least two feet shorter.

  10. Josephus

    He’s got the right idea, but I think the glove is on the wrong part.

  11. your tongue, my balls.

    I don’t think Aubrey will ever attain total consciousness.

  12. anonym

    she looks like a tranny

  13. cmonreally

    I mean… she got the shirt right? I’m actually surprised she did this well.

  14. dk

    Bitch is wrecking those greens in those heels.

  15. “Okay now, line up your shot…line up your shot”.
    “I’m trying, Ms Aubrey…just stop talking”

  16. Smaug's cousin, twice removed

    Is that a realdoll?

  17. charlesatlas

    Maybe she wasnt even there maybe her whole body was photoshopped in.

  18. She is playing alright but not with hairless balls.

  19. “Hey, your hip feels different when it’s not Photoshopped.”

  20. “Am I doing this correctly?”
    “I have no idea. I am the guy who fills the coke machine.”

  21. That’s very appropriate golfing footwear.

  22. “Annnnd…BADA-BING! There you go. Right in the hole.”

  23. She knows skinny K-Fed is gay, right?

  24. Ha ha… thanks folks. I haven’t snickered that hard in quite a while. The golf comments are primo.

  25. doritojoe

    Turns out Ben Wright was absolutely correct, women with big tits can’t keep their left arm straight.

  26. El Masiso

    If the LPGA looked like this then…I still wouldn’t care.

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