1. “I told Lincoln not to free these people… But NOOO someone had to be a bigshot…”

  2. Deacon Jones

    Kill her with fire


    GET BACK TO TWERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. SIN

    Niki Minaj without makeup.

  5. B&WMinstrel

    And White offers a draw.

  6. mnsuberbee

    Black people…amiright?!

  7. contusion

    he always looks like he has one of those halloween costumes on where your head comes off and lands in your hands.

  8. Good lord. Cover up those cottage cheese thighs, would you?

  9. Cock Dr

    Laryy’s thinking “Is this one of my ex-wives?”.

  10. “Honey, come look at this–a gorilla wearing makeup!”

  11. Check out that zombie…and that weird black chick.

  12. “I’ll take two…Hold the ugly.”

  13. cardiac arrest- HELLO!

  14. Little Tongue


  15. “Psssst…where exactly is her “booty” located again…???”

  16. Uh, oh, Larry! You’d better keep away from Chris Brown’s girl, or he’ll bitch slap you!

  17. They meant ‘Screamy Awards’, right?

  18. You can change your wig, you can strut your stuff, and you can act the fool, but you’re still First Lady to me. Stay classy Michelle.

  19. “Get up on it you say?”

  20. The Crocs are what really ties the outfit together.

  21. Beer Baron


  22. PZ

    Larry King deserves an award if he can still manage a stream.

  23. If Larry King had ever seen ‘Curb your enthusiasm’, he’d have known that his plan to pick up a hitchhiker on the way to the event so he could use the HOV lane was a bad, bad idea.

  24. bigalkie

    That that the pope is retired.. He can wear his street clothes. It seems that he digs black chicks.

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