1. Cock Dr

    She’s about as big around as one of Kim Lardashian’s upper arms.

  2. contusion

    Diedre, could you get that?

  3. A princess does not pee when she laughs…hold it, hold it

  4. Looks like everybody does pregnancy better than Jessica Simpson.

  5. That vag will never be the same.

  6. I look at this beautiful girl and think that there’s absolutely no excuse to look like Kim K. or Jessica Simpson while pregnant!

  7. Her royal placenta will have more class than the Kardashians.

  8. Princess Kate’s baby bump = Pippa’s ass

  9. I was going to say something really snide, but seeing how beautiful she looks in this photo sort of drained the snark right out of me.

  10. I have no use for “the royals” (much less the collection of asshats in Washington) – but she is just lovely. May be a block of wood, maybe she’s brilliant. But she looks so pretty, well-dressed and seems to enjoy people. No snarkiness for her. Christ, I feel like “Randal” all of a sudden – next picture – stat!


    Kate Middleton has a “middle one”. ;-)

  12. I just love her.

  13. rrr

    this is like the least snipey post i ve ever seen on the fish! wow!

    anyway i wish her all the best-she looks glowing :)

  14. Strewth! My Perrier just broke. Oh, bother.

  15. schmidtler

    She looks so demure and classy, just glowing with the joys of impending motherhood. Which makes me want to get balls deep in her fartmaker all the more. Maybe if I got a monacle and a top hat she’d go for it.

  16. baccusVD

    “No peasants remember if you say anything about my pregnancy 007 is going to kill you. Tra-La”

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