1. It’s a shame when you run into Charlie Sheen and he tries to smoke you…

  2. jorge

    Hey pig, you ever had your shit pushed in?

  3. The name is Douche. Ethan Douche.

  4. A Meet Joe Black reboot? I’m in.

  5. USDA Prime McBeef

    I just want to see somebody get pasted by a car. Hawke would suffice.

  6. The Pope

    Let me get this straight, Led Zepplin can’t get a movie made about them, but Sugar Ray can?!

  7. MRF

    Ethan Hawke, noted supporter of avant-garde theater in New York, long time collaborator of pioneering director Richard Linklater, and having perfected the Stanislavsky system under Lee Strasberg, is seen here, true to his method acting roots, preparing for his upcoming role in Zoolander 2: The Irrelevant Years.

  8. Dormant Canadian


  9. “Spread your wings and Fly!!”

  10. Later that day, Hawke was attacked by several lower-level superheroes, mistaking him for the bad guy they fought that one time.

  11. Guy Fieri lost a lot of weight. I guess he stopped eating his own food.

  12. The Heat Miser seen here in a rare gray scale ensemble.

  13. He is hot but I hate that Miley Saurus hairstyle

  14. If Mark McGrath and Cruella De Vil had a baby… and that baby died in utero…

  15. Seriously, this is not Sugar Ray?

  16. His sleeve… Uma Sucked My Cock?

  17. Toe Jam

    Quick! To the flux capacitor!!

  18. I didn’t know Sugar Ray was still together.

  19. LOLright

    yep…totally thought this was sugar ray also

  20. I had such a crush on him back in the Dead Poets Society days. Ahh, but time is a cruel bitch. Who knew he would go the way of the Douche?

  21. Chris

    He went super saiyan.

  22. The whiter Don King.

  23. “I am the god of hell fire, and I bring you…FIRE, I’ll take you to burn…”

  24. sweet peaches

    Young Hair, Old Face

  25. keenly

    He… bathed?!

  26. Boss Hogg

    Did Guy Fieri and Mark McGrath morph into one person?

  27. Whatever, I think it looks great. In unrelated news I’ve played a lot of Final Fantasy games.

  28. He is such a douche of epic craggy-faced proportions. Always has been, always will be.

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