1. That dude in the background killed himself 5 seconds later…

  2. “Hah, this homeless guy is SO funny!”

  3. A Jaws reboot? I’m in.


    “Leaning tower of cheese-aaaa”

  5. jorge

    I’m not a geek, I’m a unique wease

  6. Pauly: “Sleep with me, I’m Pauly Shore!”
    Girl: “Why the hell would I sleep with YOU, you’re Pauly Shore!”

  7. “Pauly, that is a girl. Remember? Some were forced to act with you way back when.”

  8. Matthew McConaughey is dismayed by the future, and just wants somebody to send him back to 1989.

  9. How to look like a flaming pedo by Pauly “The Weasel” Shore.

  10. Toe Jam

    I wanna finger your g-spot, buuuuuuuud-dee!

  11. journalschism

    Penile Parity (pee-nile par-i-tee): When the show biz universe aligns to catapult trolls like Pauly Shore into an equal or better shot at hooking up with beautiful women than genetically-gifted men. (See RUSSELL SIMMONS)

  12. Whoa, whoa, whoa… “Dirty Dutch Model Volleyball Tournament” is an actual thing? And no one told me?? I’m outraged.

  13. Wow, I didn’t know they still allowed him to go outside.

  14. He just asked that girl to come back with him to his hotel. Her response is appropriate.

  15. “If you won’t come back to my hotel with me then I’ll have to bang the guy sneaking up behind me.”

  16. Georgio

    I thought Charles Neson Riley was dead?

  17. Swearin

    So, he’s kryptonite to hot blondes of both sexes?

  18. gigi

    shame… look at Pauly Shore w/ his little old man bag of goodies as he ogles the young chippy… seriously, this man is 45 years old…. omg…

  19. contusion

    Weezin’ the ju-uice.

  20. Just Sayin'

    Look at me! I actually wear old men’s cloths to the beach! Does my lost fame dazzle you? It dazzles me to this day. Lets get it on behind my water truck. Yeah! They let me keep that movie prop. You wanna see?

  21. bitchy

    Love how Pauly is staring at her tits and she doesn’t have any. Clearly it’s been a while.

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