1. “So what are your thoughts on this movie?”
    Leo: “Well, it’s a culmination of a lot of things, but it’s one of my career highlights.”
    Jonah: “Eeee hee hee heee! Heee heee Leoooooo!! Hehehehe!”

  2. kafak

    “Gosh, Leo is so handsome, I just – oh shit, he’s laughing, I should laugh too so people think I was paying attention.”

  3. Bonky

    Leo, you are a huge movie star, you demand tens of millions of
    dollars for each role you take on, you have been with countless
    beautiful women around the world, your name or face can get
    you into any place you want to go. So tell me, what did you think
    when the studio paired you up with this douchebag ?

  4. Guys, grow up. Sometimes a microphone is just a microphone, and sometimes you have to gaze longingly at another man while holding on to that microphone with both hands waiting for your opportunity to bring it to your mouth.

  5. The Pope

    “So then Leo raises his hand like this, and the next thing I know Nina Agdal leaves her boyfriend and shows up in his car five minutes later!”

  6. “So Leo, how are you going to break it to Jonah that he can’t come home with you tonight?’

    “Well Terrence, ha ha ha”

  7. “Leo, what is it like working with Martin?”
    “Hey hey-real quick, I haven’t washed my hand since I met Leo!”
    “That’s, that’s nice Jonah. Thank you.”

  8. fred

    “So Jonah,apparently you just show up uninvited to everything Leo does these days. Jesus Christ, you’re like a barnacle on his ass that can’t be removed.”

  9. I don’t know which bothers me more, the way Jonah stares adoringly at Leo every time they’re together…or the fact that Leo crosses his legs at the knee.

    It’s the leg one. definitely.

  10. “So Leo, when the fuck is this ‘Make-A-Wish’ idiot going to stop showing up to all your interviews?”
    “Oh, not soon enough ha ha!”
    “What’s so funny? I don’t get it.”

  11. Jonah Hill = one obsequious piece of shit. Does he even realize what a fucking tool he is?

  12. Allion

    They have fucked everyone nearly to death with that movie. I already dislike it.

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