1. ThisWillHurt

    Aaron Paul giving creepy eyes to a hot girl named Poots. Can this day get better?

  2. Matt

    You guys ever see breaking bad? I was in that you know. Hello? Um, you guys want Bryan Cranston’s phone number, cuz I can get that for you? It’s in my hotel room. Do you want to come up?

  3. Jiminy Cryptic

    For a second I thought the blurry guy was Shatner.

  4. Kimmykimkim

    Aaron Paul. Would.

  5. “If I keep smiling they won’t notice I am not Jennifer Lawrence and he is not Bradley Cooper”

  6. … and I’ma Gonna POOTS all over you!!! wahahah!!!

  7. Imogen Poots sounds like the name of a character in some Disney movie.

  8. fred

    “Who me? I’m just happy to be some place where somebody doesn’t ask me to say, ‘BITCHES’”

  9. Ah yes, Imogen Poots…the lest popular Bond girl.

  10. malaka

    imogen poots is a funny name.
    tee hee.

  11. I want to put it in Imogen’s Pooter.

  12. Gin&Tonic

    You’d think Imogen Poot’s agent would have made her change her name to something less SNL-worthy (ala Olivia Cockburn)

  13. bernard

    everyone’s hair looks biazrre

  14. tlmck

    Imogen just pooted and Aaron likes it.

  15. Pinkman is so cute with those eyes of his)))

  16. ♪ ♫ “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream…(jump in now, Aaron)…” ♪ ♫

  17. “This one thinks he can cook meth .”
    “Well this one thinks he a super spy!”

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