1. Well PhotoBoy, at least you know us. You were right. We don’t like it.

  2. Her ass is so big it has tilted the horizon.

  3. her surgeon can’t reveal how he augmented her body, but he did say 8 monkeys went into the operating room with her, and only 5 came out.

  4. alex

    So if someone put on blackface for a music video, do you think she might get a little offended?

    • absolute nothing

      why? Nikki’s been doing whiteface ever since kim kardashians ass was decided to be considered hot

  5. Looks like a desolate, God forsaken salt flat, out in the middle of nowhere. Good, stay there and wait for the next 600 mph bus to hit you.

  6. I want to see the other side

  7. She is beautiful and is from my home country.

  8. tlmck

    “Ya can’t roller skate in a Buffalo herd…”

  9. I’m not a fan, but that really is a sexy pic.

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