1. ty

    I still would fuck the brakes off her.

  2. Jade

    It worked for U Boats, and it works for her baby bump too.

  3. She keeps this up and she’s gonna make Kim look like an upgrade…

  4. Based upon this picture, dating Kanye is like the 5th worst thing about her.

  5. Her look is kind of best described as “subtle, like a kick in the nuts”

  6. Looks like she stitched about three dresses together for this outfit.

  7. B.andWM.instrel

    ♪♪ Close shave America, Close shave Barbasol.


    Still fat, still worthless.

  9. Toe Jam

    Vitamin C is very important when you’re a fat dirty whore.

  10. What a dirty mudduck.

  11. The outfit is not so slimming is it?

  12. still a creepy whore. pregnancy can’t change that shit.

  13. Give me all the thumbs down you want. I would love to climb all over her.

  14. navvet75

    I would too except for the ugly tatoos

  15. lara

    she’s asian now!

  16. beverly

    curvy mutherfucker

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