1. Looks like he is ready for Tom Cruise or Travolta.

  2. Conan’s love child with Jim Carrey.

  3. He’s dreaming of a white Christmas.

  4. ‘Best.Snowday.Ever With Target And Shaun White’ = “Worst snow day ever!”

  5. I suddenly have the urge to fuck a carrot. Is that wrong?

  6. Shaun White demonstrates one of the techniques from his new video: Have Fun Giving Birth!

  7. That Opie dead-eyed piece of shit.

  8. With the start of winter only a few weeks away, both Shawn and his toboggan are coming out of the closet.

  9. Stay tuned for “Shaun White: A Sellout’s Christmas”

  10. Margaret

    Looks like he got a Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery gift basket from some asshole in Hollywood. Or all the assholes in Hollywood, otherwise known as Hollywood.

  11. cc

    Tony Robbins looks very youthful here.

  12. “I’m ready! Do you have the Speculum?”

  13. LLBL

    “Heey guyths, know wchat I like to do on a sthnow daay?!”

  14. Let me guess… not a professional tobogganer?

  15. I met him once and I swear to God he was 3’2″.

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