1. Can we get a mold of those on the Hollywood walk of fame already?

  2. She’s perfect. Just fucking perfect. I haven’t found a flaw yet. Not that I’m hoping to.

  3. Cock Dr

    Those annoying bits of fabric detract from her fabulous beauty.

  4. Kevin W

    Bet money she ages like shit but yeah right now she’s about as good as it gets.

  5. Bonky

    I’m guessing from the posts above everyone here is under the age of 18 ?

  6. I have never heard her talk. Why spoil a good thing?

  7. Terry Richardson, I presume?

    Hmm, let’s see. Model photo against a white background. Terry Richardson? Can’t that asshole at least switch to a light blue or green once in awhile? That being stated, me likes ‘dem titties. I like the teet to stick out a ‘lil more, but not complianin’.

  8. Screw your “view full size” Fish, I want “rotate”!

  9. She is an inspiration to me, the way she’s dealt with her clothing allergy by…not fighting it at all. Stay strong, Emily, stay strong!

  10. Scott

    Why does this have a star over her boob? This is the most clothes I’ve seen her wear in ages!!

  11. Don’t stop there, honey.

  12. Crb

    Please, don’t get any skinnier, Ems!

  13. navvet75

    I’m like Granpa, when asked if he was jacking off, he said no just jacking

  14. George P Burdell

    A little bit of Emily here I am
    A little bit of you makes me your man

  15. Interred Ferguson

    At first glance, this could be Cindy Crawford, although Cindy’s not assembled quite as awesomely as this chick. I can’t give her the flawless rating most seem to want to, though….there’s something harsh about her face….not that I would notice, as I explored everything south of that….to the point of dehydration or unconsciousness

  16. JD

    I’m eventually probably going to have to Google her and figure out who the hell she is. Until then, I’ll just keep enjoying the pics.

  17. yumm

    I am Emily Brook .

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