1. “I love you too son.”

  2. Venom

    Dad and son share the same trannies, interesting.

    • farting old man's wife

      Kinda scary isn’t it!! Can you just imagine what their Christmas gifts will be like??

  3. cc

    Shouldn’t he have a fedora and a Tommy Gun to go with that outfit?

    • I think the suit is pretty sharp, although I would have probably worn a solid white or silver tie. And maybe a Venus Flytrap boutonniere. Hardy-har-harsky…

  4. Somebody likes stripes.

  5. khloe kardashian is spreading herpes, you guys.

  6. That suit looks like when our old black and white TV was on the fritz.

  7. “Hey, Igor, you seen that Thicke son of mine?”

  8. arnieblackblack

    That’s Robin Thickes Khloe/tranny – whore!

  9. John

    didn’t this guy do a playgirl spread back in the day when he had that family sitcom?

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