1. Always took him for a “tight end” or “receiver”, but nice to know he’s orally inclined as well …

  2. Animal

    Some call it “football”, others “gay porn.”

  3. Hee, hee, hee, ha, ha, ha…This is like heaven! If only that pasty skinned vampire kid was here too! Oops…I just came.

  4. I believe what they’re playing is a derivation of football called “Smear the Queer,” but in the modern, politically correct society, every player gets to be the queer.

  5. Arlene

    Didn’t he once “date” Taylor Swift? That speaks volumes.

  6. Taylor: “No, no don’t touch my penis, don’t touch my penis”
    Dude: “No one is touching your dick dude”
    Taylor:”Ha ha, don’t touch it ha ha”

  7. Nothing like a game of Smear the Queer.

  8. Senor Trout

    Gayest part of this picture is that two guys playing pick-up football are wearing receiver gloves.

  9. THAT’S a tackle? Where’d he learn his moves? One of those Japanese train pushers?

  10. Beer Baron

    Don’t mind us totally heterosexual guys doing heterosexual dogpiles!

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