1. Does the perfume smell like silicone? I bet it smells like silicone.

  2. Well, we know who’s gay in that picture

  3. Marty Feldman nips.

  4. Four boobs in one picture.

  5. If she’d named her fragrance “KY” instead of “KJ,” Hans and Frans would have been even MORE excited!

  6. Nipples at 11:00 and 1:00 look about as unnatural as the two idiots on either side of her.

  7. Pretty sure if I moved to Hollywood, I could make a good living as “Nipple Wrangler to the Stars”

  8. When you have boobs that fake, your breasts hold your dress up.

  9. Son of Flubber

    Look at those two boobs.

  10. I think her boobs are rolling their nipples at me.

  11. Cock Dr

    It’s all so German.

  12. she seems shy. And really slutty.

  13. JimBB

    Everyone in this picture likes dick. That gives me pretty good odds, right?

  14. What’s sad is, these type of men are the majority that women like this see/interact with on a daily basis in the industry.

    What a waste!

  15. CK

    “Hey Micaela, is it true that you had gaydar installed in your tits?”

  16. This makes every Bronski Beat album cover look like death metal.

  17. At what point in a woman’s life does she actually start thinking that shit is attractive?

  18. Who are these people and how did she get her nipples to point at each of them? Women be crazy, y’all!!

  19. There is something very wrong with her breast.

  20. 3 Cocks, 2 Power-Bottoms, and a pair of rubber coconuts walk into a bar….

  21. aj

    On three pull on her pony tail, hard as you can. 1…2…3!

  22. This has to be the most ridiculous photo of three people I’ve ever seen.

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