1. I take it it’s impossible for her to drown.

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    They look like they’re about to pop.

  3. Did she let Chris Brown soften them up before getting dressed?

  4. If she was a super hero she would be called Underbite. Or Titcannon.

  5. Those are some very interesting cans, but… why is Mickey Rourke in the background taking pics?

  6. AnnaD.

    A “trainer” with big fake boobs & twiggy arms. Of course.

  7. malaka

    give shorty a break.
    its cold outside!

  8. They better shave down the bolts on those things before they cause an accident.

  9. I think we can assume her celebrity trainer routine probably starts with “find a plastic surgeon” and ends with “where’s my check”

  10. She’s obviously the same woman that’s been “training” Angelina Jolie.

  11. Farkwad

    Hey Vanna White, show us your two “T’s”

  12. Those are some nice size lifesaver nipples there.

  13. Dougie fresh

    The Taliban for breast cancer awareness…now they’ve gone too far.

  14. Brit

    Present: Celebrity Trainer
    Missing: Celebrity Training Bra

  15. JoeSchmoe

    Beam me up Scotty

  16. So, is she a trainer of celebrities or a trainer who’s a celebrity? It’s not clear to me, and I don’t give enough fucks about her to look it up.

  17. Too bad she left her brights on.

  18. Margaret

    ill fitting top.

  19. namevisible

    you know it’s a bad day when even your boob is giving you the side eye

  20. Thats a face only an airbrush could love.

  21. JohnnyHildo

    Google must be broke, because when I typed in “Tracy Anderson”, it kept asking me if I meant “tiny ugly women”

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