1. Cock Dr

    She looks naughty.

  2. scrappyloo

    because Nelson Mandela was totally about fashion and music.

  3. Nothin says sexy, than women who have bodies like question marks.

  4. She looks like a full time job.

  5. MT

    You’d need TWO full time jobs.

  6. I love this chick, sexy and a bonafide whore/prostitute and proud of it.

  7. This is the child prostitute that bought down the French National Football team. It’s good to know a woman is a whore upfront.

  8. Johnny Barbells

    …rob liefeld went through that space ribbon thing from star trek generations, and something came back with him.

  9. From Wiki: Zahia Dehar (born 25 February 1992) is an Algerian lingerie designer and a former prostitute best known for her role in an underage prostitution scandal.

    Yup, completely believe it.

  10. Holy shit. Silvio is one this one.

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