1. minutes later, she died of a disease modern medicine had never seen before.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      Well, they know Meth and they know herpes, so they’ll figure it out.

      What they don’t understand is why anyone is going to see Aaron Carter perform?

  2. Hepatitus free with price of stage side admission.

  3. Twaught Hammer reunited?

  4. Why is it that whenever an artist like Aaron Carter says they’re doing a show in Vancouver all that goes through my mind is that the performer is thinking, “Awesome! I can do a show, get paid, maybe laid AND score some meth/crack/heroin/whatever after my nap!”

  5. It’s like eating a mouthful of every gross flavor of Harry Potter jellybeans.

  6. “Why does your breath smell like dicks.”
    “That’s how I pays my bills girl…I’m broke!”

  7. Looks like he got his shoes from one of the kids on Hey Jessie.

  8. Row 1 seat 12. Free peanuts. Sucked outta Aaron Carters teeth.

  9. Women actually took their hard earned money and paid to go see Aaron Carter? Really?


  11. Damn, that’s nasty.

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