1. Dox

    Sadly, the last remaining nude, rhinestone encrusted oxen of south Armenia was found poached today….

  2. nadsak

    Say what you want about her, she has the best bod around.

  3. Sure she has a great body. But she’s still a cunt.

  4. Didn’t Britney already wear this outfit?

  5. She thought Taylor Swift was behind her.

  6. YadaYada

    Correction: She has the best ass around, not the best bod.

  7. Flatliner

    Like a rhinestone hermboy
    Riding out like a whore in a star-studded suit she wore
    Like a rhinestone hermboy
    Getting cards and letters from little monsters I never wanna know
    And hood rats coming out to bone

  8. Robb7

    She’s got a good ass…that’s it.

  9. Kryspy


  10. anonymous

    That Britney/JLo bodysuit just won’t die. It’s like Venom’s alien suit.

  11. She’s got a great body. Go ahead and show it off.

  12. Jenn

    Tired of stealing from Madonna, Gaga begins stealing from JLo, starting with her shiny, tacky catsuit.

  13. this is halfway decent for her.

  14. martina

    that’s a sex tape body

  15. Natty Ice

    Aww, man! All I got from Brittney’s garage sale was a bunch of old Happy Meal toys!!

  16. forget her. she’s finished.

  17. snide

    i bet that suit smells like the Goofy suit at DIsneyland after a 100 degree day

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