1. “I dunno…I’ve looked with both eyes and I still can’t see the moon…I think your telescope is broken.”

  2. Barbosa

    I didn’t know they were filming a biography of amy winehouse

  3. cc

    Nah, that’s got to be Jayde Nicole.

  4. Any Guy

    marty feldman has nice tits.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    This is the best Amy Whitehouse has looked in months.

  6. Maybe she’d better listen next time!

  7. Dinosaurland

    That Barbie has a lazy eye.

  8. Dali

    she has got to be one of the roughest looking women out there. She even has a dirty sanchez.

  9. Biff

    I’d really like to pop one of those tits out and play “suck the nipple.” You know that game?

  10. Amy Winehouse – SHE’S ALIVE.

  11. Anna

    Holy Derp, Batman!

  12. “I don’t know if I can service your entire army tonight, but I’ll be here for the rest of the week.”

  13. Who knew Marty Feldman had a daughter?

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