1. contusion

    Something something something yeah that’s the ticket.

  2. Tiger


  3. the dog

    Please don’t raise Jon’s taxes, he barely feeds me as it is and he never drops a crumb.

  4. Tron

    Oh, Bob Saget, loves it in his kitchen,
    Loves it in his kitchen, loves it in his kitchen
    Oh, Bob Saget, loves it in his kitchen,
    And “kitchen”, of course, is code for butt!

  5. Duck86

    “John Lovitz, you gay Weeble!

  6. EricLr

    You wanna make fun of him? Well YOU’RE ALL SHIT! He’s CHAMPAGNE!

  7. MoJoTee

    Genius of making us feel good and laugh!

  8. Cute dog…whom he’s had sex with.

  9. Ladypants

    Those are the exact same sunglasses Poochie wears.

  10. As with the whole Kelsey Grammer tragedy thing, I cannot find it in my heart to say anything bad about Jon Lovitz. He’s stared into the unfeeling void of Janice Dickinson’s vagina and he has to carry that memory with him every day for the rest of his life. Moment of silence, please.

  11. c'est bien

    From the thumbnail I was all set to say something really mean about Kevin Costner, but then I didn’t have to. Lame

  12. Is this a hostage situation?

  13. Bigalkie

    Better looking than Rhianna.

  14. That thing they say about a dog looking like it’s owner.. Its true.

  15. cc

    Bloodhound something….living in harmony.

  16. ::Mad Men theme playing::

  17. Joe

    Yousa no tinken yousa greater den da Gungans? Mesa like dis. Maybe wesa… bein’ friends.

  18. Vlad

    No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.

  19. Raaaaa

    seeing eye pug?

  20. Is this the Fire Island Elvis?

  21. LEAVE LOVITZ ALONE!! He’s a beautiful, tortured freakshow who will rise from the decomposed ashes of his mutilated career! You’ll see! YOU’LL ALL SEE!!!

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