1. “I could do it….
    I could snuff the life out of him…
    And the world would be better for it…”

  2. The Dude

    “My wallet was just sitting there. And now it’s gone. There are a bunch of charges at some LA boutique and I have no idea who took it.”

  3. “Yes, we all still want to Ride Winona. Hah. I get it. It wasn’t funny in the 90s, you idiot. Next question, please.”

  4. “I mean what is genius really?”

  5. amanda

    Thinking “If only I had a stun gun, a plastic bag, a roll of tape, and a pack of hungry pigs.”

  6. Statham knows this asshole is a douche, even Winona washed up actress she is but who I still love absolutely knows he is a douche too. It disgusts me something so perfect is within such close proximity to this asshole.

    • crb

      -the relevant scripture being, from the book of TAWP, And Lo, The Lord Trey spake, and in chapter 7, verse 32, he said unto the Israelites:
      “… sometimes, pu**ies can be so full of s**t that they become a**holes themselves… because pu**ies are an inch and half away from a**holes. I don’t know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know that if you don’t let us f**k this a**hole, we’re going to have our d**ks and pu**ies all covered in s**t!”

  7. The Pope

    Wait…you mean I wasn’t filming a couple episodes of “Homeland”?

  8. Wait, that’s not Kristen Stewart?

  9. Do it, Jason. You know you want to. Winona’s looking good. Always had a thing for her.

  10. Franco: “Does anyone have some water? I got some sticky on my hand.”
    Winona: “Arent his fifteen minutes up yet?”
    Statham: “Why do they have water and I dont have water? And where’s my placecard?”

  11. Mohawk Disco

    Don’t know, man. It’s like a dragon made of chocolate running out of toilet paper while Jack Nicholson ignores Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs… – suddenly, the other’s felt the interview took a very wrong turn somewhere.

  12. Little Tongue

    Just looking at this picture, you can clearly tell that Winona stole the whole fucking show!

  13. It’s rare to see three people in a row all thinking “I can do better than hanging out with these assholes.”

  14. fred

    “. . .and that is the meta-physical challenge of playing a role with the duality of this one, both in the prescient future sense and in the context of our society today, not to mention the implications raised by the symmetries of pre-war America when viewed through the prism of this particular incarnation of what appears on the surface to be a non-conformist archetype.”


  15. “James Franco, Winona Ryder, and Jason Statham”

    “Spring breaker, unlawful taker, bad movie maker”

  16. Swearin

    Franco’s one more Nietzsche quote away from having Jason smash his face in

  17. “I go to the movie set, there’s Statham. I’m in a scene with Winona, there’s Statham. I masturbate to myself in the men’s bathroom mirror, there’s Statham!… He’s here right now isn’t he?”

  18. Franco: “blah blah me me me blah blah me me blah blah…”

    Winona: *thinking* “my vagina is wrecked”

    Statham: *thinking* “I wrecked her vagina”

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