1. Notice how awkward that scene is for him…
    “I love you Kellan… I tattooed your face on my right butt cheek… Please come home with me to meet my cats…

  2. Cate

    The calendar lady has some rope and duct tape and will be waiting by the back door after the premiere.

  3. Smapdi

    So, the female equivalent of “dick in a box” is “poster board just northeast of the cooch”?

  4. His makeup is smudging at the neckline.

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “What? No, not you! I want an autograph from the gay one!”
    “I am the gay one.”
    “No, the skinny gay one!”

  6. What is a man doing in that crowd? Oh, that’s right. Gays.

  7. “Oh God please, just a liiittle bit lower, a liiiitle bit lower… juuust a liOMIGODRIGHTTHERE!”
    -The woman in red

  8. it had to be said

    Oldest teen-aged girls. Ever.

  9. Joe

    I with the dude on the left — “Who is this guy?”

  10. diego

    Charlie Chan in white-face is saying it all with her (crossed) eyes… I think

  11. He’s afraid to make eye contact in case she challenges him to arm-wrestle.

  12. “psst…dude, get ready. I’ve got an epic ‘smell my finger’ on the way”

  13. Dave

    “Kellan! Over here! Sign my Sausage McMuffin!”

  14. He seems like such a moron in real life… but I don’t feel guilty for finding him to be so hot in a meat-head sort of way.

  15. cruelbutler

    Is that Maya Rudolph from “Up all night” ?

  16. Tron

    “I know douchebag, I’m coming. I gotta sign this thing for the walrus giving me the stink eye”.

  17. jerseygirl71

    “Please, please, sign one of my chins!!! Either one will do!”

  18. cc

    Well, that certainly casts wealth and fame in an unappealing light, doesn’t it?

  19. I never thought I’d see someone giving his number to honey boo boo’s mom.

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