1. ThisWillHurt

    “No, Mister Bond, I expect you to finish your cinnamon roll. Is it not divine? That’s a homemade strawberry glaze, too. I’ve already had eight, can’t you tell?”

  2. Deacon Jones

    Do you remember when we took you to the Bronx Zoo and left you there?

    We’ve never been to the Bronx Zoo!

    Do you remember the time we were going to get your teeth fixed and we spent all of the money on Francis’s toupee?


    I DON’T WEAR A hair piece!

  3. BP

    I thought Truman Capote died in 1984…..fucking cryogenics!

  4. B&WMinstrel

    Ratty and Mole must have been busy

  5. it had to be said

    Meh. Needs more layers. And more fabrics.

  6. Joey Pants… and Vest… and Fedora… and Neck Tie… and Man Purse…

  7. “She was a hoo-ah (whore)”

  8. Joe

    These days, he always takes the little blue pill.

  9. BillEBuoy

    Where to begin . . .?

  10. He looks like he’s fresh from a raid on a high-school theater department’s wardrobe.

  11. popwilleatitself

    This photo is sexier than the previous Madonna photo.

  12. Phoenix

    This town needs an enema.

  13. Biff

    He doesn’t look very healthy. Greasy, thin skin pulled tight over pockets of fat. Not good.

  14. Still not quite getting the Jack Nicholson Joker look down. Getting close though.

  15. He’s channeling fat Brando.

  16. cc

    I’m sure Mont Blanc is thrilled.

  17. Oz Matters

    Green Day Reunion Tour 2034

  18. Rosie the Riveting

    Jack Nicholson is looking great.

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