1. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Ooh, radiohead. They’re so edgy.

  2. Manrape…it’s not just for prison any more

  3. Later, Pierce Brosnan would choke to death on his own vomit, while Walter stood by silently watching.

  4. Animal

    Two wild and crazy douchebags.

  5. cc

    Pierce, please, Crest White Strips.

  6. 1NDUN


  7. Buddy The Elf


  8. James Bond wouldn’t be caught dead at a Radiohead concert.

  9. Mama Pinkus

    that’s a great picture!

  10. So… now we’re down to 2 invisible dicks?

  11. Herb Silverman, far right, displays his entries into this year’s pumpkin carving contest.

  12. Pierce Brosnan I can take or leave, but I frickin’ love me some Jessie. Yeah, yeah, intertia…

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