1. “BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA You simple peasants think you can cook by my side!”

  2. it had to be said

    Smile when you call me “campesino,” Flaca.

  3. catapostrophe


  4. ThisWillHurt

    Gwyneth Paltrow uses her secret ingredient: Tin Man’s penis.

  5. “Hahahaha I gooped.”

  6. Ladypants

    “So it turns out that when I thought I was asking whether this lacinato kale was curated by local artisans making a living wage, he thought I said SWISS CH — hold on, I can barely breathe — SWISS CHARD!”

  7. Inner Retard

    You actually believe I do this at home?! I haven’t laughed this hard since I received my complementary cleaning kit made from the tears of small children for my bald eagle hat and I got to fire my maid because she couldn’t open the box encoded to my fingerprint.

  8. USDA Prime McBeef

    Somewhere in the world a commoner just died.

  9. “I haven’t laughed this hard since Apple mistook Armand de Brignac for Armand de PĂ©rigord!”

  10. I wonder how long it took for them to explain to her that all the people running around speaking Spanish weren’t just more of her servants and yes, she would have to interact with them, just like they were real people.

  11. rican

    She’s clearly in pain from serving her own food.

  12. yourmom

    “AHAAAHAHAHAAA! This peasant work is actually kinda fun!!”

  13. I thought her husband was the only one that could beat her eggs.

  14. Rhettropunk

    Dinklage! Get out from under the table!

  15. tlmck

    The guy on the right must be down wind.

  16. cc

    “Oh man, I just thought of a name for my next kid…’Yolk’! How awesome is that? Ahahahaha.”

  17. can you believe it? i’m cooking! i feel so common!

  18. Joaquin ingles

    “They’re not free-range organic eggs?”

  19. jonesy

    OH MY GAWD! is this what omelettes look like before they come out of the kitchen? I just assumed the inside of an egg was fluffy! Chris won’t BELIEVE this.

  20. Bigalkie

    She has her own show in Spain? El Hormiguero, means Super Fake Idiot Asshole in Spanish.

  21. EricLR

    Someone just asked her if she’s ever eaten at a McDonalds.

  22. Didn’t you hear the most obnoxious laugh when you first saw this?

  23. Bionic_Crouton

    We have slipped LSD into Gwyneth Paltrow’s drinking water. Lets see if she notices.

  24. Jamriqua

    “and then I said, hahahahahaha, sorry, this is so funny, lupe, por favor, necesito la llampada and she had NOOOOOOOO idea what the hell I was talking about! I needed my shoes clearly!”

  25. Bionic_Crouton

    This is obviously a remake of the Japanese show “Cooking on Sybians”

  26. BenDoverman

    OMG I just farted! And I’m a vegan! LOL!

  27. catapostrophe

    She’s certain one of them just mispronounced “chilaquiles”.

  28. That dude — over on the right — certainly looks impressed, especially after Gwyneth revealed her proficiency in boiling water.

  29. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    I think it must’ve been at this moment she realised the show wasn’t called El Homogringo.

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