1. Big Love = 8 inches

  2. Diablo Dude

    I want to see Red Riding Wood.

  3. meeps!

    Now THAT’S how you do a mug shot.

  4. Something tells me she was at the same benefit as John Hamm. I just can’t put my finger on it… Two hands, but not my finger…

  5. Kojak

    “That’s my bubblejob face…”

  6. Josephus

    I had the same reaction to that Kelly Brook photo, too.

  7. neo

    2 in the pink, and 1 in the stink.

  8. It’s the Amanda Seyfried version of “The Blue Screen of Death.”

  9. It’s good to see that she’s finally gotten some color…In her EYES!

  10. Yer Mom

    Reminds me of a goldfish I had.

  11. angerinside

    It’s like Peter North held her down until it dried.

  12. Joe

    She just saw the Hamm-bone pic.

  13. kimmykimkim

    Fuckin’ hot.

  14. [img][/img]

  15. DickJohnson

    Close your mouth, you’re giving me a hard-on!

  16. Its weird how she is clearly awake, yet she’s totally setting of my coma porn fetish.

  17. AZ

    a pretty lifelike blow up doll!

  18. She’s fucking perfection. I must have her.

  19. When I save up enough money for one of those fancy Japanese sex dolls, it’s gonna be this model.

  20. She’s got beautiful eyes as well as beautiful tits. Such physical harmony. What are the odds…???

    Serious question: Is her last name pronounced SIGH-fred? Or perhaps SAY-fred? SEE-fred? Just curious…

  21. Vladmir

    Wow. She’s like a young Scarlett Johansson…before Sean Penn.

  22. EricLr

    I’m pretty sure that’s a picture of a blow-up doll.

    Well, either way the head is filled with air.

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