1. Throw it in so we don’t have to look at it. Wish it into the cornfield but the bottom of the Ocean will due.

  2. Tidbit

    Nothing can wash the shame off of Carrot Top.

  3. Imogen Poots? Man, lunchtime at school musta been hell for that chick.

  4. That’s a guy in the dress, right?

  5. Not legitimate rape.

  6. Vlad

    Holy crap! Pierce Brosnan is looking like Mel Gibson these days…not aging well at all.

  7. Damn Mormon church is forced baptizing living people now too?

  8. “Come right along, Miss. We’re happy to help you get into the water.”

  9. Swearin

    “Oh great Poseidon, we offer you this ginger sacrifice so that ye may be satisfied and not monsoon the shit out of our coastal cities!”

  10. SexJihaad9/11

    “She’s walkin’ Spanish down the hall”

  11. Vladmir

    Look at all the pastie, Limeys in the sunlight.

  12. Mekko

    Guilty in Salem

  13. Come on, Carrot Top, you need to have a bath at least once a year!

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