1. Diablo Dude

    It looks like the Scientologists have already got to him.

  2. Mike701

    That’s the last time I audition for Tom Cruise.

  3. Hubert Updike

    You boys beat me to it , I was going for the John Travolta punchline , though

  4. EricLr

    Invisible Tom Cruise strikes again!!

  5. you’ve just been jon hamm’d

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Sorry Photo Boy…

    I know a Jonas brother when I see one.

  7. Fringe is really pushing the envelope this season…invisible hyperdimensional buttrapers…did not see that coming. (neither did Joshua Jackson…hah, get it?)

  8. Gabe Kaplan

    You have to be pretty vain to grab your own ass.

  9. it had to be said

    Right, Joshua. Because getting a burrito on the street in Vancouver was a brilliant idea. What did you expect?

  10. LegMan

    Oops, I crapped my pants!

  11. Jentilly

    Haha sorry Josh, I swear in a few days you’ll be walking normal

  12. Bigalkie

    Joshua Jackson is being haunted by the ghost of Michael Jackson.

  13. He caught Lady Gaga’s butt sores.

  14. He’s showing his buddies what lady luck did to his career.

  15. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    I think he’s trying to tell Katie Holmes to stop calling him…

  16. Auditioning for that Tom Cruise movie is a pain in the ass.

  17. Alternatively, maybe what we’re witnessing here is just the beginning of your standard Hollywood shit-flinging contest.

  18. amir

    Or maybe we are witnessing what every ‘star’ feels before they get that big break…

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