1. You gotta love an actor that has reached the “I can jerk off in public and people will think it’s art” point…

  2. And yet he still looks infinitely classier than the previous pic of Pam Anderson.

  3. Dick Tracy got old…

  4. JennywithaY

    Wow, Santa really starts dressing down after the holidays.

  5. Sleezy Gordon’s Fisherman sez, “Do you like fish sticks?”

  6. AND it’s filthy! *GUFFAW* high-fucking-larious!

  7. “Yeah, my apartment has bed bugs. Can I sleep here?”

  8. Anybody seen my paper? Damn paperboy.

  9. Netta

    He looks like he just escaped the nursing home after a fit because they were all out of butterscotch pudding.

  10. B&WMinstrel

    Never go full banana

  11. zomgbie

    the bright coat is obviously so no one will trip over him while hes sleeping.
    and of course its waterproof just in case it rains while hes asleep.

  12. Cock Dr


  13. Toe Jam

    …because Green Lantern is powerless against yellow. Nuff said.

  14. What does Ernest Hemingway have to do with gangsters? Hollywood has run out of even shitty ideas.

  15. Even Kenny Rogers lurking in the background is afraid to get too close.

  16. “I’m not masturbating. It’s just really hard to find my keys.”

  17. “Get someone to go check the water heater in there. I only got about half way thru my shower before it turned cold.”

  18. journalschism

    …And Burl Ives as Dick Tracy

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