1. Looks like somebody’s getting ready for a “big bang!”

  2. Dude does pull some quality tail.

    • Mohawk Disco

      He must have the charm and guile of a snake oil salesman running for office. He’s uglier than me – and that’s saying something – yet even before his BBT days he was already a chick magnet.

    • Kaley Cuckoo and this chick are quality tail? And let’s face it, Kaley only banged him long enough to make sure she was a permanent fixture on the show. She would have banged Jim Parsons if she could have, but he is gay.

      • To be fair, Kaley Cuckoo could’ve was considered quality tail back in her “8 simple Rules” and “Charmed” days. Now? Not so much.

      • http://www.superiorpics.com/pictures2/6215_garner83574.jpg

        Don’t know about Cuckoo, but that Garner chick is DEFINITELY quality tail.

      • MT

        Kelli Garner has one of the nicest “natural” racks in Hollywood,
        with the exception of Susan Sarandon’s daughter Eva from Californication.

      • Joe Namath

        “make sure she was a permanent fixture on the show”

        Well, considering the role of Penny was written SPECIFICALLY with Cuoco in mind, I don’t think she had to worry about that. She was a series regular from the very beginning.

      • They switch out characters all the time. They took out the one daughter after the first season of Last Man Standing, put in a new one and rearranged everything. Jim Parsons is about 80% of that whole show, just like Neil Patrick Harris is about 80% of How I Met your Mother. She is replaceable, even today.

      • No Name

        Again, Cuoco was the sole inspiration for the character Penny. Her spot on the show was as secure as it gets. One of my college buddies has been an AD on that show since season 1. The writers used her personally as inspiration when creating that character. I’m not defending Cuoco (truth is, can’t stand her), I’m just saying that the idea that she had to somehow “secure her role on the show” by dating Johnny G. is asinine. And besides, at that point, they were all in the same boat, hoping for more season pick ups and decent ratings. They dated in season 2.

      • No Name

        Oh, and I have to really disagree with you on Cuoco being replaceable. Given how strong of an ensemble cast BBT is, NO current ORIGINAL cast member could be replaced without incident. Yes, Jim is probably the most prominent figure on the show, BUT they are an ensemble and I guarantee you if any of the original main 5 were replaced, the show’s quality and ratings would decrease. Another example is Friends. None of them were replaceable. Especially by season 7 (BBTs current season). Perhaps you dont know much about how Network TV actually works.

  3. Mohawk Disco

    That’s nice but not now, Kelli!… Where was I?… Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy. *slaps ass* Did you know Descartes’ father was member of the Parlement of Brittany? *buries face in ass*

  4. Apparently, someone on that show is a heterosexual.

  5. George P. Burdell

    Let me show you my Big Bang Theory.

  6. That moon’s gravitational pull is strong enough to capture three nerds.

  7. “As an example of a make-shift Van de Graaff generator… the static electricity generated by the friction of my hand here causes a charge imbalance, thereby forcing electrons in her hair to build up, and then THAT happens!”

  8. Pickle Nose

    Kelli Garner has massive jugs. Sadly, this picture does not illustrate this fact.

  9. Swearin

    I’m developing a new theory about how there’s a subset of attractive women who are just prenaturally into Hobbit-like men.

    Then I realized many Hobbit-like men are very rich, and there went my thesis :(

  10. “Did I go to WHO’s wedding…?”

  11. coljack

    “From this angle, this could be anybody.”

    “I think you mean ‘nobody.’”

  12. Johnny Barbells

    …something, something, butt bongo, howard stern…

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