1. “So I said to him, how can I grow as an actress when you send me these types of scripts?”
    (wow, what an ass)

  2. it had to be said

    I wonder if Olivia can get pregnant from the look that dude is giving her.

  3. bewbs

    is that the lil cutie from freaks and geeks in the background?

  4. ...

    Is this the House/Bones crossover episode?

  5. Contusion

    George Costanza called and asked for his old hairline back.

  6. “This mocha mocha double mocha is good. Those Kardashian broads are on to something.”

  7. Bonky

    This is what passes for Hollywood talent today.

  8. cc

    This guy gets admitted for priapism and she has to blow him repeatedly to try and alleviate his suffering.

  9. The Brown Streak

    “Hey, look! Someone just left this perfectly good shake just laying around the Fear Factor set!”

  10. Money Pit

    The Death and Life of Bobby Z : Failed at the box office
    The Next Three Days : Failed at the box office
    Cowboys & Aliens : Failed at the box office
    The Change-Up : Failed at the box office
    In Time : Failed at the box office

    • In none of these was she the star responsible for carrying the movie. In In Time, for example, she dies 10 minutes into the movie.

      Also, I notice you left Tron: Legacy ($400M worldwide) off that list.

  11. Lolli-Pop

    Average. Except for the eyes.

  12. Sin

    He is doing what every one of us would be doing if we were behind her. Staring at that ass.

  13. Bigalkie

    In a word ” OVERRATED”

  14. Techman

    The movie should have been called “The Amazing Stone Wonderbutt” instead.

  15. Warren Piece

    THE TRUTH: Celebrity status makes you beautiful. Take any actor, put them on the big screen, and we all fall in love with them – it’s what happens. Wilde is a fairly pretty girl, but she’s helped along with a lot of makeup (and she also has cankles). On any given day you could pick 5 or 6 women that, once transformed on the big screen/with makeup, would blow this woman away. I’m not really putting her down, as she seems like nice girl as well, just stating that Al Pacino on screen (in his younger days) is sexy… Al Pacino the school janitor is m’enh, and doesn’t get a second of consideration.

    • Colostomy Bag

      Pacino is sexy mainly due to his energy/spark/fire. He’s really not that truly handsome of a guy (hardly ugly, but imo ‘a 7′ purely physically).

  16. nekkid dawg

    I first saw that fivehead and I thought: “Wow. Giada deLaurentiis. Fap time.” But, alas, no.

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