1. it had to be said

    I wonder who that dress was made for. Someone much larger than McAdams, that’s for sure.

  2. Frank Burns

    Somewhere, a fancy restaurant is missing all its doilies.

  3. Cock Dr

    She’s cute and the site fails for again cutting off the starlet’s shoes.

  4. DeucePickle

    Oh I love this episode of Seinfeld.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Will one of these shitty paparazzi bastards just man up already?

    Get us the upskirt pic.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    ‘Scuse me, do you have a tissue?

  7. Isn’t this what altar boys wear?

  8. jal

    How did she get the doile off Mom’s table?

  9. cc

    Wedding cake chic.

  10. The Brown Streak

    Five minutes after this shot was taken, Jennifer Love Hewitt beat her up.

  11. I wish I could come up with something wittier than, “So hot. Drool. Fap fap fap.”

  12. Karl Uff

    Great legs

  13. Grifter Knows a Grifter

    No offense FIsh but whatever monkey took your cash for “re-designing” your photo layouts is a fucking thief. The photos are all fucked up and it’s exactly the same on 25 other websites. Cropping off heads is pro.

  14. Lolli-Pop

    So there is where my handkerchief went. I hope she laundered it first…

  15. journalschism

    Mrs. Sta-Puft Marshmellow Man.

  16. Peter

    Everything under the dress is fine. The dress, not so much.

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