1. As usual, sinking into soft whiteness.

  2. Krusty The Klown

    Wow… beached seal.

  3. Where’s a Newfie with a club, when you really need one?

  4. Venom

    He is black so the possibility of this being fake snow is about 100%.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    This happens every year. They’re too big for a kid to look after.

  6. That’s actually sawdust. It just looks white next to Seal.

  7. I'm A Jerk

    ‘Did you know that when it snows…”

  8. The Brown Streak

    Perfect reason why we should continue to club Seals.

  9. “Mmm… it’s as white and frigid as my wife…”

  10. Colin

    He does know you’re supposed to move your arms, right?

  11. whiskeyafternoon

    I wish he’d post a picture of him fucking Heidi Klum. much more artistic.

  12. Pebblz

    Was it those nipples that cut his face?!?!

  13. I call bullshit. This is just one of his album covers on its side.

  14. KC

    Worst. Scarface. Remake. Ever.

  15. Larry Jones

    Shirtless Seal found frozen to death in snow. Rumors swirl about artsy fartsy snow angel pictures.

  16. MrsWrong

    Oh the irony!

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