1. Karma's Bastard Child

    Odd Couple remake?

  2. Chango

    I didn’t think Katie Couric could pull off the suspenders look so well.

  3. Juch

    “Caught ya! Now, take me to your pot of Colt 45.”

  4. Where's Dildo

    To Shrek’s surprise, Lord Farquaad and Donkey had been cavorting behind his back the whole time.

  5. Dumb and Dumber.

  6. Deacon Jones

    RuPaul finally showed up at something without fucking makeup on.

  7. Old frog men are delicious!

  8. Hank E. Ring

    Old & Busted

  9. EricLR

    One of these men just had his best bowel movement in years.

    The other just gave his best rimjob in years.

  10. BP

    Are they simulating some kind of blow job………

  11. I hope these two get a show together – then I can save twice as much time not watching it.

  12. I knew Death would come for Urkel soon…

  13. maru

    Hold still while I suck out your life force so I can live forever!!!

  14. Anal Addiction

    SHow us you tits Larry!

  15. gooch

    A decrepit old white guy. Oh, and there’s Larry King.

  16. Hall’s new movie, Weekend at Whitey’s, looks pretty good.

  17. … And that was the last time absinthe was served at the Madame Tussauds’ Christmas Party.

  18. This was a conversation that obviously went far off track.

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