1. Wow, those signs could be telling me to kill all dogs and cats and I would never care/notice…

  2. The Kardashians apparently can’t, either.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Holllly shit….

    I just “googled” her and those are some PERFECT tits.

  4. More please…

  5. B&WMinstrel

    Can’t or won’t?

  6. I can use condoms Lacey. Let’s do this.

  7. USDA Prime McBeef

    two condoms go well with her.

  8. I’d [herlastname] her.

  9. Padro

    She’s only 20?! Oh that no good, I thought she was 30.

  10. anonym

    butterface, 5’1″ shorty, but HUGE tits.

  11. I don’t want to get too specific, but you definitely can get a condom on a cat.

  12. Moo Cow Hunter

    More people should realize the hypocrisy of an organization aiming to defend animals from ANY harm suggesting to cut their balls off.

  13. This picture stirs up myriad visions and implications that are illegal in most of the civilized world. Woooo Hoooo…!

  14. Party hats? Anyone?

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