1. Toe Jam

    Clinton – “You’re wife smells good. She’s soft and cuddly like a big teddy bear. Hey, Obama…this is how it’s done, my friend. Go get Bidens wife”.

  2. “Barry, get me that blonde’s digits!”

  3. B&WMinstrel

    Old age is sneaking up on Obama

  4. A!

    I don’t think Obama is allowed to do the “white man’s overbite”.

  5. Clinton can land trim, Obama not so much.

  6. DanDanDans

    Manti Te Ľo’s girlfriend found shaking hands with the President at the Inaugural Luncheon.

  7. Ohhhhh yeahhhh. Keep shaking hands, Barry, I got this.

  8. “Excuse me Mr Clinton, You have been dry humping my wife for ten minutes.”

  9. “Pssssst…Barry…let’s sneak out and smoke a joint with the Secret Service, then they can take us out to pick up on some white women…”

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