1. “In my day, MTV actually showed music videos.”

  2. Josephus

    When Kevin Garnett said she tasted like a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, I didn’t think he meant the actual box.

  3. Dirty Travolta

    She probably tastes like rancid KFC chicken ..

  4. Well, I’m sittin’ here, La La, starin’ at your ta—oh, wait, I’ve done this bit already. I’ve gotta get some new material.

  5. Beer Baron

    Nasty No Talent Hooch.

  6. BOW! (big ol whore) call me Wikipedia. please. do.

  7. I believe this requires further investigation. Sure glad I brought my PI’s license…

  8. Joe Blow

    LOL. “The Hip Hop Inaugural Ball”?

  9. Her face looks like something out of Family Guy.

  10. Sleestak Lightning

  11. Steve

    When KG says that you taste like Honey Nut Cheerios, maybe you shouldn’t perpetuate that with a dress that makes you look like the bee on the front of the box.

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