1. Eyes wide shut indeed…

  2. B&WMinstrel

    Who left Barbie out in the rain?

  3. cc

    Looks Tom’s secret agents finally got her brain.

  4. Is this the latest incarnation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula?

  5. amazed

    The true Stepford Wife

  6. sprub

    Constipated? Eat prunes.

  7. That’s just too creepy to fap to.

  8. good girl! Practically showing emotion!

  9. Skeezix

    Ladies and gentlemen, Ms Botox Zombie…

  10. Keith just activated her remotely-operated butt plug.

  11. Pip Pip Cheery-O

    …and now I’m turned to stone. Thanks.

  12. Pip Pip Cheery-O
  13. It looks like somebody just realized that they’re married to Keith Urban!

  14. I wish she’d stop aging. She used to be so pretty…besides, she’s considerably younger than I am. And if she looks that old, I must look like an old catcher’s mitt.

  15. Oz Matters

    Strange, but I have seen ten pin bowling balls with more wrinkles.

  16. EricLR

    You’re probably not going to find John Connor at Sundance, darling.

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