1. JimBB

    That’s the only SAG she’s seen in 40 years.

  2. anonymous

    Why is her statue cupping the larger statue’s balls? What category did she win?

  3. His home away from home.

  4. It’s be dangerous to do that with an Emmy.

  5. ultra

    ohhh luke. heez holding heez hands like i hold my boobies

  6. ThisWillHurt

    So, that’s what she’s into? Oh well. Whatever it takes, I suppose.
    *gets body painted aqua* *jerks off giant*
    Does she want to have sex with me yet?

  7. If she starts jerking it off like Cate Blanchett did, I am going to lose it.

  8. Mohawk Disco

    Even the statues are gay in Hollywood.

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