1. Buddy The Elf

    Extra Attention Starved.

  2. Let me ass you a question.

  3. Sesame Street is brought to you by the letters “D” and “P”

  4. horn

    Nice, now let’s get those pants off of you…

  5. How did she know standing doggy was my favourite position? Must’ve finally gotten my e-mails.

  6. Daila

    Just heard her on Alison Rosen’s podcast!

  7. Moo Cow Hunter

    I’ve seen porn movies that start like this.

  8. The Greek way of saying hello.

  9. Dirty Travolta

    I would love to eat the Baklava out of her butt …

  10. Most people just stick out a thumb when hitchhicking.

  11. For some reason thought this was Kate Middleton

  12. Toe Jam

    all thats missing is the bullseye.

  13. cc

    Whoever founded Lululemon should get The Order of Canada, the Congressional Medal of Honor, and a Knighthood.

  14. tlmck

    I’m not up on my Yoga. Is this known as the reverse camel toe?

  15. Impressive red carpet poise.

  16. Her booty is a face magnet!!!

  17. Oz Matters

    Finally, a place to park my Penny-farthing.

  18. “Over in the Middle East they do their prayer times…well…sort of…ummm…I guess…well, sort of like this…”

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