1. JennaBlon

    ok…But Why Is Leo wearing Jack Nicholson’s Hair?

  2. Mohawk Disco

    - You hear something?
    - No. Why?
    - Sounded like Jonah screaming NOOOOO!… We better get out of here!

  3. Judge Chamberlain Haller

    Leo: I win, let’s kiss!
    Toni: Why do you taste like Toby Maguire?

  4. Swearin

    So he sucks the life force out of them? Is that why he’s always getting another one?

  5. cc

    Good old Leonardo…up until10 seconds before this pic was taken the despondent looking girl on the right was his girlfriend.

  6. j/k

    I actually clicked back to see if Jonah Hill is crying the background.

  7. “I taste your beauty waning. There will be sex, and then you must leave, forever.”

  8. Is the new rule that they stay together one month for every year difference in their age?

  9. Jenn

    Ah, now I see why he’s been wearing the stupid hat. He should put the damn thing back on.

  10. coljack

    “God, all the time I was up on stage, accepting that award, all it did was make me want your lips, your touch. I’ve been wanting this moment. By the way, I’m Leo – so glad I met you tonight!”

  11. malaka

    idk. call me crazy but from the looks of this picture, it looks like he’s got his eyes closed seemingly expressing actual human emotion while she appears to be the one draining his life force.

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