1. SIN

    No matter how much her body changes she will still be stuck with that fugly face.

  2. Billebuoy

    Glasses stored between the boobs always puzzles me…

  3. Ottunga? Is that Irish?

  4. Those two are going to have some seriously thick children.

  5. David Otunga is a Harvard educated lawyer and a WWE superstar.

  6. See Alice

    Oingo Boingo ?

  7. “I don’t care if those people are going to take my picture or not…I’m just going to flex my muscles and frown anyway.”

  8. @ShitJRoganSays

    From the set of “Whitney and Bobby: The Early Years”

  9. kimmykimkim

    I feel like I’ve said this before but I’m taking serious issue with the comeback of the Debbie Gibson hat. Unacceptable!

    • kimmykimkim

      It’s now on the same list as wearing gingham instead of eating on it, and sheer tops combined with shit tits. Unacceptable!

  10. The DL Brothas

    Jennifer Hudson and her (gay) husband.

  11. Well frickin’ done!

  12. mbcl

    “Leave us alone or I will start singing … I’m warning you !!!”

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