1. Joe

    Lego head

  2. kravdan

    Holy crap, does his hairline start at the back of his head?

  3. cc

    Hmmm, when I looked in the mirror this morning something didn’t seem right.

  4. caley

    (continued from previous post)

    “You rang?”

  5. John Travolta lent it to me for the upcoming weekend. He said it scores tons of dudes. Chicks! I meant chicks! He said it scores tons of chicks.

  6. fred

    “Huh. You’re right. It does kind of make my chin look like an upside down pussy.”

  7. The goatee smells like groupies.

  8. I don’t remember Annie getting mugged in the original.

  9. “This feels just like my housekeeper’s pussy.”

  10. Daddy Welfarebucks

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