1. I try to be cool, but DAMN. So hot. phew.

  2. Frank Burns

    I don’t know what she’s promoting, but I’ll take 50.

  3. cc

    Just post naked…it’s not like we are gentlemen here.

  4. she should get that mole looked at.

  5. mamamia


  6. Holy shit!!!!

    New crush

  7. Bonky

    Upcoming tour of what ?

  8. “I’m finished with the bathrooms…what would you like me to do now?”

  9. Never heard of her before but she’s very sexy.

  10. brian

    Now that’s a nice, fat ass.

  11. I can’t stop masturbating over this which is embarrassing only because I’m at Applebee’s.

  12. billbo baggins

    if you want a chick that is more muscular than you and is built like a dude, i think it’s time to admit you’re gay. She’s from the “I’m hot therefore I’m a recording artist” club.

    • If you’re older than 12 and this chick is more muscular and built than you, then we’ll presume on that basis alone that you’re gay.

      • Mike Walker

        This. She’s not that muscular at all, except in a couple of the weight room pics which have probably been shopped to accentuate any muscularity.

    • guest

      wt-huh? there is absolutely nothing wrong with this woman.

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