1. elephantman


  2. some black dude

    Let me preface my statement by saying this. I swear on everything I’m not trying to be mean. Now, that being said, is this a dude?

  3. I’m not familiar with the thing I’m seeing, but are we all going to pretend there’s not a 8 foot woman standing behind her?

  4. Where did she get those waxed lips so far away from Halloween?

  5. This guy looks good in a dress. Could use some more lipstick tho

  6. I'mCool

    Hey, Hispanic guy trying to play it cool—this is one of those times when it’s OK to gape like a five year old.

  7. Courtney Stodden looks upset that she has been voted out of the Big Brother house.

  8. fred

    I think we finally found the line in the “Would you do her game.” Assuming it’s a her, of course.

  9. After seeing that now i would have to take a cheese grater to my nuts.

  10. blerg

    I could get drunk enough to do that. I’d lie about it to all my friends though

  11. whatever

    those two men in dresses really let down their penises
    be a man or be a woman, pick one
    two warped freaks with boobs and junk, WHY are you, PICK one

  12. Outtake from American Mary?

  13. Hapax Legomenon

    Gender aside … is anyone else only coming up with three fingers and a thumb?

  14. martina

    Haz Mat!

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