1. EricLr

    Black babies–the hottest fashion accessory in the industry.

  2. Where’d she get that “Seal” t-shirt? It’s a good picture of him.

  3. You have to give Heidi credit. Unlike Madonna and Angelina, she didn’t have to import hers.

  4. Cute. She looks like her daddy.

  5. I dunno. A German carrying a black baby anywhere makes me a little uneasy.

  6. Animal

    She’s wearing the Shroud of Turin.

  7. Crissy

    That baby is home made…

  8. SIN

    Beautiful woman, ugly little monkey.

  9. “Hi, Mr. Photographer. That’s not one of my daddy’s cameras, is it?”

  10. Bionic_Crouton

    Her daughter is adorable. She better hide her before Angelina serves her with adoption papers.

  11. cc

    She looks rather unpatriotic if you ask me.

  12. it had to be said

    Carry me, white woman! Carry me!

  13. The kids adorable for sure but she looks nothing like a seal.

  14. tlmck

    A momma and her seal pup.

  15. Blech

    Adorable kid, looks like she’s fun to be around…

    Would be nice if momma tried to be happy with the situation.

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