1. Joe

    At least she’s trying.

    • to sprint to KFC

      • C’mon, guys! That shit was funny… When did it get so fuckin’ “hugs not drugs” in these threads?!?

      • It goes like this:

        Christina Aguilera painted up like an Oompa-Loompa streetwalker and sausaged into Ultimate Tensile Strength Spanx, haughtily ordering us with her eyes to worship her because she is CHRISTINA GODDAMN AGUILERA AND SHE IS BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY = mockable.

        Nicole Eggert caught in the act of trying to get back in shape after a little too much enjoying being able to eat anything she wanted at last during pregnancy = admirable.*

        * Unless you have something especially clever to say, like Bootology below. The KFC thing was not especially clever. That’s where the Thumbs of Judgement come in.

      • Mike Walker

        > enjoying being able to eat anything she wanted at last during pregnancy

        Since when does pregnancy last 5 years?

      • This is how black menz like their white wimminz.

  2. Crissy

    I would make fun of her but she’s on the right track…

  3. You can do it!

    I want my old Nicole Eggert back!

  4. She just saw the hot now sign light up at the krispy kreme

  5. BigOkie

    Back when I was 14 and thinking about bangin’… this is the chick I was thinking about.

    Work it out, Nicole. The hotness is still within you.

  6. Bigalkie

    Alicia Silverstone

  7. so the ice cream man drives a stroller now?

  8. justin

    she needs to keep running until she hits Seattle.

  9. Yeah, that’s right. Put in the work.

  10. lily

    if thats what happens when you have kids, NO THANKS

    • KatKit

      You just figured out that people get fat when they get pregnant?

      • lily

        Haha, not everyone turns out this unfortunate (or like jessica simpson) just look at megan fox. its sad that so many women use pregnancy as a time to go wild and eat like a cow. disgusting.

      • Bobin

        Uhhh, Megan Fox hasn’t given birth yet so well get back to that. And she’s 6 years younger than Jessica which is a big difference for comparing someone in their mid twenties to someone in their thirties.

    • The more you know...

      Some women weigh less after pregnancy than they did before pregnancy. Getting bigger doesn’t happen to everyone.

  11. Aw, all the supportive comments from our cynical and jaded gang! It makes me feel right squishy inside! Go Nicole!

  12. If you wait long enough, you can almost always bang the celebrities you wanted to bang when you were a kid!

  13. Eggert McMuffin?

  14. google-analytics

    her jogging will have seismic repercussions

  15. jasper

    Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson is towing her baby through the Walmart behind her hoverround.

  16. poor lady…she went from being so sexy to that. Good luck to her.

  17. Kat

    Go on girl! You still got it!

  18. labeuf's beard

    Work it Nicole! You can do it!

  19. Holy flab, Batman!!!

  20. Bionic_Crouton

    “Why isn’t anyone stopping my runaway baby carriage!”

  21. Looking like that, she should run. On a treadmill. Indoors. Just barricade the door and emerge like a new beautiful butterfly and save yourself years of having these pics thrown back in your face.

  22. Devilsrain

    Im calling BS on this one

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