1. Joe

    First time I’ve ever seen her dressed. And standing.

  2. Ollie

    Those Jennifer Love Hewitt dresses DO make people look good. Not a fan of the shit tattoo though.

  3. is it only me who immdeately thinks WHORE when seeing a bandage dress?

  4. Almost didn’t recognize her without MC Ultra’s cock in her mouth.

  5. I think she’s sexy as hell and I’m going to invite her to my birthday party!

  6. Quijibo

    Who? Nice ass.

  7. That’s a nice ass. Why didn’t she use it in the blowjob vid she made, turn it into a real sex tape.

  8. HollyK

    That is the longest ass crack I have ever seen.

  9. Ew, the thumbnail made her look like that Real Housewife, Zolciak! Rethink your look, honey.

  10. Cookie

    I find her much prettier w/ the black hair!

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