1. I had ‘em… I had her breasts right here! In my hand!
    One fart and she runs away…

  2. Thumb Dick

    Sabbath in Toronto was the place to be last night!

  3. CK

    Hippie Joker ?

  4. “Dude, just one of Katy’s tits would take both hands like this.”

  5. Echo5

    Alas poor Katie! I knew her, Horatio, a chick of infinite chest, of most excellent clevage. She hath bore me on her back a thousand times, and now how whore’d in my imagination she is! My engored rises at it!

  6. “I know no one says it, but you’re a fucking awesome musician, John Mayer.”

    “Yeah, John Mayer, you too.”

  7. “It’s just you and me tonight girls.”

  8. This guy can’t be too bright if he’s hanging around in Canada instead of between Katy’s legs, sucking on her tits.

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